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Conventional fire alarm system
Conventional fire alarm system

BinhYen Co., LTD  can offer and provide the most comprehensive  services available.


* Complete range of detectors and control systems on the requirements of approval standards from industrial countries.

* Have all the facilities and functions of a comprehensive automatic fire detection and fire alarm system.


Elements in system


Control Panel

Nittan products supported by highly advanced technologies, utilizing microcomputer control for the breathtaking security system. With the features brought us the sophisticated function and high reliabilities. The parts are supplied in unit assembly, which has led to variety of fire protection requirements doubled by versatile fire detection features, flexible service ability and automatic inspection functions.

The control panel is equipped with an "Alarm Delay" function which gives a much greater degree of protection against false alarms.


Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector is of a low profile and employs state of the arts Surface Mount Technology. It is most suitable for such modern buildings as employed in the design of decorative smooth ceilings.


Rate Of Rise Heat Detector

Sensing the rapid or abnormal rise in temperature of ambient air.



Fixed Heat Detector

Activate whenever the ambient air temperature reaches the top temperature detector setting.



Flame  Detector 

It's used principally in area considered to be of high risk where naked lights could be danger i.e. storage of flammable liquid.


Beam Type Detector

Beam smoke detectors generally have a maximum range of 330 feet and a minimum distance of 60 feet. They are ideally suited for height ceiling applications.

* Annunciator Panel

* Alarm Bell

* Manual Alarm Station


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