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The SIGI-271 Fire Alarm Call Point is a part of the signature fire series that GE has provided. With the KAC installers' Series Call point combined with the Signature Series intelligent address-able/analogue interface electronics, it makes the SIGI-271 that much better of a product. On the SIGI-271, the switch is held off by the edge of the glass. When the glass is broken by pressing directly on it, a release on the switch is made, which sends an alarm to the signature loop controller. To prevent injury, a protective plastic coating is placed onto the glass which also inhibits the release of glass pieces. Each call point runs self-checks constantly to provide maintenance information that is crucial to having a proper working system. All results are updated and stored within the memory of the call point. Access to the information can be gained through PC, the control panel, or using the SIGA-PRO Signature Program/Service Tool.

The information stored in the Call Point's memory includes:
  • The Call Point serial number, address, type code.
  • Number of recorded alarms, troubles, time and date of last alarm.
  • Manufacture dates, hours or operations, and last maintenance date.
  • Up to 24 possible trouble codes that may be used to specifically diagnose faults.
Standards Features:
  • Intelligent Device with Integral Microprocessor
  • Electronic Addressing
  • Stand-alone Operation
  • Designed for High Ambient Temperature Operation
  • Optional Markings Available
  • Automatic Device Mapping
  • Non-volatile Memory
  • Alarm LED
  • Flush or Surface Mount
  • Designed to ISO 9001 Standard
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