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CS1140 Fire alarm control panel
CS1140 Fire alarm control panelSiemens Intelligent fire alarm control panel

Cerberus AlgoRex

Fire detection system CS1140


Interactive / AnalogPLUS / Collective


• Modular, microprocessor-controlled fire detection system

• Processes the signals from fire detectors from widely varying detection systems such as:

– interactive fire detectors, series DS1150

– AnalogPLUS fire detectors, series DS1130

– collective fire detectors, series DS1100

– addressable fire detectors, series MS7i/MS9i

• Highest system availability through decentralized signal evaluation in control unit and detectors

• Parametrisation as required by the application

• Emergency power operating period 12 to 24 hours, optionally up to 72 hours

• Integrated emergency operation electronics

• Control console can be connected separately or built–in into the control unit housing

• Several control consoles can be operated with each control unit

• Designed for optimum installation efficiency and commissioning


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