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EST-3 Control panel
EST-3 Control panelEST-3 intelligent control panel with many integrate function

EST3 Intelligent Network Fire Alarm Control Panels

  • Distributed Processing for the Ultimate in System Survivability
  • Signature Device Communications for Fast, Accurate Reporting of System Events
  • 8 Channel Digital Audio for Concise Emergency Evacuation and Messaging
  • High Speed Rail Communications Within Each Node for Maximum Performance
  • Up to 64 Network Nodes
  • Up to 10 Signature loops per node
  • Up to 125 detectors and 125 modules per loop
  • Up to 160,000 points
  • Up to 7,000 I/O circuits
  • Up to 1800A @ 24 Volts
  • Able to manager fighting module SIGA-REL
  • Interacted with firework, security systems, CCTV...



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